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A VIEW FROM THE STATES: Dentons 50 State Network review of the political landscape

Dentons’ Public Policy group has provided a synopsis of the political landscape for each state prepared by members of our Dentons 50 network — experts from all 50 state capitols with a pulse on federal, state and local races in their respective states. We also highlight the states with governors races, attorneys general races and the 22 state chambers considered “battle grounds” with their current majorities.

Hawaii Governor’s Economic & Community Navigator Announced

Governor David Ige today issued a Proclamation and announced Alan M. Oshima as the Hawaii Economic & Community Navigator. The newly created position in the Office of the Governor will be responsible for the planning and implementation of the Hawai`i Economic Stabilization, Recovery & Resiliency Plan, which will include three phases to recover from COVID-19: 1) Stabilization; 2) Recovery; and 3) Resiliency. 

The plan is a blueprint not only for saving critical economic and community pillars, but also charting a roadmap for Hawai`i’s new economic future.  The Economic and Community Recovery plan can be as significant as the initial Hawai`i State Plan, Ch. 226, HRS, enacted in the 1970’s which charted a course for a post-WWII, modern Hawai`i.

Also, as part of our nation’s effort to address the economic impact of COVID-19, the Federal government appropriated US$2 trillion to provide financial assistance to state and county governments, businesses, nonprofits and individuals. 

It is anticipated that Hawai`i will receive US$4.0 billion from the CARES Act for the following:

  • US$1.25 billion for state and county government response efforts
  • US$1.14 billion in estimated unemployment assistance
  • US$1.24 billion in estimated direct cash payments to Hawai`i residents
  • US$130 million in estimated funding for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
  • US$53 million for local schools and colleges
  • US$11 million for the state’s community health centers
  • US$8 million in community development block grants

Of the US$1.25 billion to Hawai`i governments (above), the State will receive US$900 million, and the City & County of Honolulu will receive US$350 million as part of Hawai`i’s economic relief and recovery efforts.  Future Federal stimulus packages appear on the horizon.

HAWAII COVID-19 Update: Friday, March 27, 2020 — State, County In-Shelter Emergency Order Analysis

The State of Hawaii, City & County of Honolulu, County of Maui, and the County of Kauai  (Emergency Rules 2 to 5, as amended) have issued in-shelter emergency orders affecting the State and their respective Counties.

Please click here to see our summary of various orders. 

Additionally, click here for a side-by-side legal comparison of the emergency powers of the Governor and County Mayors. 

The Governor’s latest Proclamation does not state that it preempts the other Mayors’ order. Rather, it states, “In the event of any inconsistency, conflict or ambiguity between this Third Supplementary Proclamation and any county emergency order, rule, directive or proclamation, the relevant documents shall be read to allow for maximum flexibility so that essential businesses and operations continue unimpeded.” It does not state what happens if there is a conflict that does not affect essential businesses and operations. Unless the matter affects only local conditions, we would assume that the Governor’s order controls.