With budget signed, a look ahead at remainder of Wisconsin’s legislative session

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The following comes by way of Dentons50 partner firm Capitol Consultants

Now that the budget has been signed and the type of vetoes that Governor Tony Evers has made are not compelling the Legislature back into session, attention now turns toward the remainder of the 2019-2020 Legislative Session.

Legislative Committee activity will drop in frequency for the next month, although some Committees will still meet. Committee activity then will ramp up again in August in preparation for the September, October and November floor dates.

2019-2020 Session Schedule at a Glance

January 7, 20192019 Inauguration
January 15Floorperiod
January 22-24Floorperiod
February 12-14Floorperiod
March 5-7Floorperiod
April 9-11Floorperiod
April 25Bills sent to governor
May 14-16Floorperiod
June 4-8Floorperiod
August 1
August 1
Nonbudget bills sent to governor
Budget bill sent to governor
September 17-26Floorperiod
October 8-10Floorperiod
November 5-14Floorperiod
December 5 Bills sent to governor
January 14-23, 2020Floorperiod
February 11-20Floorperiod
March 24-26Last general-business floorperiod
April 16Bills sent to governor

As of today:

  • Governor Evers has signed 10 bills into law, including the 2019-2021 Budget.
  • Vetoed 5 bills (4 abortion-related bills and a middle-income tax bill)
  • 15 bills await his signature or veto.
  • 334 bills have been introduced in the State Assembly
  • 315 bills have been introduced in the State Senate