Dentons Dialogue: US Policy Perspectives

Join us Fridays from 3 – 4 pm ET for our weekly Dentons Dialogue segments

Dentons’ Public Policy practice is pleased to debut Dentons Dialogue: a weekly series of dynamic conversations breaking down front burner policy issues around the US. 

Bringing together key political and industry leaders, these fast-paced perspectives will provide coverage from various viewpoints to keep you up-to-speed on key sectors and issues.

Each webinar will focus on a different topic, dialing-in on the surrounding policy issues.

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Upcoming Discussions Schedule

Webinar Recordings

Upcoming discussions schedule

1/29/20213-4pm ETCOVID-19
2/5/20213-4pm ETClimate and Energy
2/12/20213-4pm ETHealth Care
2/19/20213-4pm ETTechnology
2/26/20213-4pm ETSmart Cities and Infrastructure
3/5/20213-4pm ETFinancial Services and Housing

Webinar Recordings

Dentons Dialogue follows the release of our annual US Policy Scan report, a clear, comprehensive and reader-friendly view of what US public policy will look like in 2021 and the people who will be driving change.

State of Politics – January 22, 2021

During this Dentons Dialogue segment, our experienced bipartisan political leaders examined the state of politics nationwide and trends that may emerge going forward. This timely discussion will took place just two days after the Inauguration of Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States and the week the Democrats takeover the majority in the US Senate.

Federal Overview – January 15, 2021

During our first Dentons Dialogue segment, members of Dentons’ Federal Advocacy group examined federal policy issues to be addressed by the 117th Congress and the incoming Biden Administration.

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