Ct. Dems stumble but remain on top

The following election speed read comes by way of Dentons 50 partner Jim O’Brien.

Connecticut Democrats only narrowly maintained their majorities in the state legislature after Tuesday’s election, punished by Republican businessman Donald Trump’s long coattails that stretched further down ballot than many anticipated.

The Republican voter surge nearly upset the balance of power in the state capitol, expanding their numbers in the Senate by a measure of three. The election resulted in an historic tie—a lock of 18-18, the first tie since 1893—that will be decided by Lt. Governor Nancy Wyman, a Democrat. The razor-thin Democratic majority means an increase in influence for moderate Democrats like Senators Paul Doyle and Joan Hartley.

In the state House of Representatives, Republicans gained eight seats but needed a net gain of 12 to seize control of the chamber, however. It remains, like the Senate, under the leadership narrow Democratic majority, split 79 to 72.

While Republicans fared well in state legislative contests, Connecticut’s five-member Democratic congressional delegation and U.S. Senator Dick Blumenthal handily cruised to reelection.

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