Trump names picks for AG, CIA, National Security Advisor

President-elect Donald Trump tapped a trio of loyalists for senior roles Friday, offering an early blueprint of the incoming Republican administration’s policy priorities.

In a statement to the press, the president-elect said today he had named Jeff Sessions, the U.S. senator from Alabama who previously served as the state’s attorney general, as U.S. Attorney General and offered the role of director of the Central Intelligence Agency to Kansas Republican Congressman Mike Pompeo. Both nominations require confirmation by the U.S. Senate.

Separately, Trump named retired Lt. General Michael Flynn to serve as National Security Advisory, which does not require Senate consent.

The nominations mark the first public sign of progress for Mr. Trump’s transition, which had been plagued in recent days amid staff upheaval, removing New Jersey Governor Christ Christie and several of his top lieutenants from leadership positions.

Both Flynn and Sessions were early, vocal supporters of Mr. Trump’s campaign for president, often offering guidance throughout the long slog to the White House.

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James Richardson

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