Newt Gingrich on Trump’s first 100 days: The world knows US is strong again

There is no question that the most dramatic result of President Trump’s first 100 days in office is America’s reclaiming of its leadership role in the world.

In less than three months, President Trump has sent a clear and decisive message to Bashar al-Assad that use of chemical weapons carries serious consequences—which also put Vladmir Putin on notice that his support for Assad would only lead to isolating Russia. The president has shown ISIS that the days of the US fighting on the terrorists’ terms were over, and may also have started to effect real and positive change regarding China’s policy toward North Korea.

When you have long-time security hawk (and frequent Trump critic) Senator Lindsey Graham telling Fox & Friends that “in 80 days [President Trump’s] done more to correct the world … than Obama did in eight years,” that is significant.

President Trump has also set the US on a path toward deregulation. He immediately put in place an executive order requiring that two federal regulations be abolished for every one that is added. And as of this week, he has signed more than a dozen bills under the Congressional Review Act scrapping needless federal regulations; cutting the red tape that’s been draped across Wall Street and the securities market, the energy and environmental sectors, small business and health care.

President Trump’s efforts to cut bureaucracy and regulation have laid a foundation for economic growth and job creation that will be one of the defining achievements of his presidency.

We measure presidents by their first 100 days in office, because in 1933 President Franklin D. Roosevelt was able to usher 15 legislative packages through Congress, during a time when the stock market was still in the tank and unemployment stood at 25 percent. It was a massive legislative accomplishment for FDR. It also ushered in an era of big government that continues to stifle our economy and invade the private lives of our citizens.

But remember: President Trump represents the third great effort to break the country out of the big government FDR model. The first was the election of Ronald Reagan in 1981, and the second was our Contract with America in 1994.

You should also remember that Trump is a builder and an entrepreneur. These first 100 days represent a foundation he is constructing on which America can be made great again.

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