Pa. Gov. Tom Wolf asks lawmakers to stop ‘irresponsible behavior’; GOP leaders say he won’t work with them

By: Jan Murphy

Gov. Tom Wolf is accusing the GOP-controlled General Assembly of acting irresponsibly in ways that will harm Pennsylvanians at a time when he is trying to save lives during the COVID-19 pandemic.

At a Thursday news conference that was billed as focusing on government reform and COVID-19 mitigation efforts, the governor spent a good part of the time criticizing lawmakers for pursuing “dangerous legislation” this week.

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50,000 residents download Pennsylvania’s covid app in 24 hours

By: Teghan Simonton

Pennsylvania’s new covid-19 contact tracing app has been downloaded by 50,000 people, Gov. Tom Wolf’s office said Wednesday. The mobile app, COVID Alert PA, was announced in August and officially launched Tuesday.

The app notifies users if they have been exposed to covid-19 using Bluetooth technology. Without tracking identity or location, it measures time and distance between users, notifying them if they’ve come in close contact with someone who has later tested positive for the coronavirus.

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Judge rejects Wolf’s request for stay on shutdown ruling

By: Torsten Ove

A federal judge on Tuesday denied a request by Gov. Tom Wolf’s administration to stay an order striking down key COVID-19 restrictions imposed by the governor on public gatherings pending an appeal before the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

U.S. District Judge William Stickman IV ruled that the Wolf administration is unlikely to succeed in its appeal of his order or prove that the administration will be irreparably harmed without a stay.

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Gov. Wolf argues ‘life and death’ while seeking stay in pandemic restrictions ruling

By: Paul Reed Ward

Attorneys for Gov. Tom Wolf’s administration on Wednesday asked to stay the federal court decision from earlier this week in which a district judge ruled unconstitutional the state’s shutdown orders over the covid-19 pandemic.

Attorneys for the plaintiffs in the case said they will vigorously oppose any motion to stay — meaning, to suspend the ruling — and expect to file briefs on Thursday.

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Gov. Wolf hits back after judge rules against virus restrictions

By: Associated Press

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf vowed he wouldn’t heed the “irresponsible demands” of President Donald Trump and Republicans in the state legislature concerning the state’s coronavirus response, hitting back hard Tuesday after a federal judge appointed by Trump ruled many of Wolf’s pandemic shutdown orders were unconstitutional.

In unusually sharp language, the Democratic governor accused Trump and Republicans who control the Legislature of promoting conspiracy theories and spreading misinformation about the virus and the status of the Pennsylvania economy, which he said is reopened despite the mitigation measures he has imposed.

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Pitt researchers discover antibody that could be key in covid cure

By: Deb Erdley

Scientists at the University of Pittsburgh say they have isolated a tiny molecule that neutralizes the coronavirus and could be the foundation for a drug to prevent and combat covid-19, the disease caused by the virus.

Researchers from Pitt’s School of Medicine published their findings today in the journal Cell. They reported that the molecule, an antibody component that is 10 times smaller than a full-sized antibody, is the foundation of a drug known as Ab8 that has been effective in preventing and treating covid-19 in mice and hamsters.

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Pa. Gov. Tom Wolf renews call to legislators to provide $325 million more in COVID-19 relief funds for small businesses

By: Jan Murphy

Gov. Tom Wolf is calling on state lawmakers to do more to help Pennsylvanians get back to work and help the state’s economy recover from his COVID-19 business shutdown order by taking immediate action to provide an additional $325 million in aid for small businesses.

“This would be to direct an additional $225 million partially in forgivable loans and partially in grants to small businesses all across Pennsylvania,” Wolf said at a news conference held in the atrium of Buchart Horn Inc.’s headquarters in York. “In addition, I’m calling on the Legislature to direct another $100 million in forgivable loans and grants to the hospitality, leisure and service industry. Bars, restaurants, hotels, they’ve been really hammered by this pandemic.”

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